Hello! I’m Nicholas Roberts, an illustrator working in sunny Melbourne, FL. My illustration work has been featured on Tumblr Radar, Society6, Threadless, The Daily What, Postervine, and other various sites.  I use both digital and traditional tools to execute projects, so I am not afraid to get my hands dirty.  When I am not working on the daily draw, I enjoy reading design publications, browsing dribbble.com, watching cartoons (You are never too old to do that), going to the beach, and most of all spending time with my lovely wife and beautiful baby girl.

Illustrator's Self Portrait
Name: Nicholas Roberts (Nikoby)Clients Include: Warner Bros. Records, Harris, CASIS, Threadless, Fearless Records, Runa, Andrew Bird, TeefuryLocation: Melbourne, FLDislikes: Brussels Sprouts